The Florida Music Festival: THE STATE OF MUSIC boasts a history of discovering unknown artists national acts like Taylor Swift in her first industry showcase, while throwing the best party in Downtown Orlando with past MainStage acts like The Dirty Heads, Third Eye Blind, Flogging Molly, Minus The Bear, Lupe Fiasco and more… and Florida’s finest homegrown acts through the years from Less Than Jake to The Supervillains, from Seven Mary Three, members of Matchbox Twenty, Creed to JJ Grey & Mofro… and yes even “Mr. Worldwide”… Pitbull asked to play once! The best part, all Showcase venues are FREE ADMISSION each year, so you can discover the next big thing at no cost to you! 


(Photo of Taylor Swift showcasing during FMF2003 at Shine on Wall St Plaza)

Welcome to the 17th Annual Florida Music Festival, featuring the sounds that will be filling your ears for the next decade. All participating Showcase Venues are FREE ADMISSION courtesy of our friends at the Downtown Development Board, JetBlue and Coors Light! Venue Age restrictions and capacity does apply (note: most venues in Downtown Orlando are 21+, but please check in advance of age limits for each night).

Each night from 6pm-2am Downtown Otown lights up with more than 50 artists on over a dozen stages, rocking everything from Pop, Hip Hop, Alt Rock & Country to Blue Grass, for FREE! Stop by your favorite haunt and then roam the venues throughout Downtown checking out musicians from across all genres and around the world.


17th Annual Florida Music Festival

Official Artist Showcase Schedule


Thursday, April 20th: 

Cheyenne Saloon:
6:30pm: Sahra
7:30pm: Tim Serdynski
8:30pm: Lucy Iris
9:30pm: Bailey Callahan
10:30pm: Levie
11:30pm: The Getbye

The Social:  This Little Underground Presents…
7:30pm: Zoya Zafar
8:30pm: The Welzeins
9:30pm: Saskatchewan
10:30pm: SALES
11:45pm: PolyKarp (ft. Anneka)

Wall Street Plaza I: 
7:00pm: Everlost Us
8:00pm: Revel in Romance
9:00pm: Seranation
10:00pm: Beebs jam featuring Niko Is

Wall Street Plaza II:
7:30pm: Run Raquel
8:30pm: Oranga Tanga
9:30pm: Coastal Breed

10:00pm: The Mellow Relics

Ferg’s Depot: Downtown Orlando Partnership ‘Business Unplugged’ presents…
5:00pm:  Josh Snyder and Matt Kenyon
6:00pm:  Trevor Hall
7:00pm:  Carson Schaffer


Cheyenne Saloon:
6:30pm: Kamryn Palmer
7:30pm: Greye
8:30pm: St. Valley
9:30pm: Crenshaw
10:30pm: Diamond Dixie
11:30pm: Greg Warren Band

Church Street Market
6:00pm: Brettyn Rose
7:00pm: Milk Carton Superstars
8:00pm: Kaj Brothers
9:00pm: Grand lotus
10:00pm: Phantom Phunk
11:00pm: G.W. Souther
12:00am: Gerry Williams Band

Ferg’s Depot
6:30pm: Run Raquel 
7:30pm: St. Valley
8:30pm: SavvyG
9:30pm: Catharina Dalzini 
10:30pm: James Pippin  
11:30pm: Ariia

7:00pm: TBA
8:00pm: TBA
8:45pm: Joshua Hoffman
9:30pm: Wayne Hall
10:15pm: Tim Serdynski

10:00pm: Leisure Chief

The Social:   Swamburger Presents: Southeastern Expo
6:00pm: PRODUCER SHOWCASE (AUDIOMATIC): Marz Mello, DJ Dolo, and Tempermental
7:00pm: Gary Lazer Eyes
7:30pm: Pathos, Pathos
8:00pm: Frank Secich (of Blue Ash)
8:30pm: Room Full of Strangers
9:00pm: Jon Ditty
9:20pm: J-terra
9:40pm: GTN Battle Competition: $100 16 Bar Challenge w/ MADD ILLZ
10:15pm: iCON the Mic King 
10:35pm: Onry Ozzborn
10:55pm: E-Turn 
11:20pm: Latrissa Thomas
11:35pm: Chakra Khan
12:00am: Second Subject Showcase: ft. Purple Kloud, Aftermarket, Sean Shakespeare, SKIP, Acey Wasuto, and DiViNCI (of Solillaquists of Sound)
1:00am: DJ Rubox

Wall Street Plaza I: 
7:30pm: John.K
8:30pm: The Delta Troubadors
9:30pm: Reverist
10:30pm: Kasson
11:30pm: Lovestruck Robot
12:15pm:  M-Squared with special guests DJ Logan Dakota & Dotti J

Wall Street Plaza II:
7:00pm: WD-Han
8:00pm: Chase the Jaguar
9:00pm: Solomon Jaye 
10:00pm: Yardij
11:00pm: Victims of Circumstance



Cheyenne Saloon:
6:00pm: Taylor Raynor
7:00pm: Whiskey Sharts
8:00pm: Dru Cutler
9:00pm: Julia McDonald
10:00pm: The 502s
11:00pm: Beemo
12:00am: Save The Radio! 
12:30am: Tom Petty Tribute featuring Florida’s Finest!

Church Street Market:
7:30pm: Alex Di Leo
8:30pm: Layla Brisbois
9:30pm: The Dealers
10:30pm: Chemradery
11:00pm: Equus (DJ intermission)
11:30pm: Yardij 
12:30am: Billy Wright

Ferg’s Depot: Florida Atlantic University’s Record Label Hoot/Wisdom Recordings hosts
7:00pm: Jessica Morale
8:00pm: Ella Herrera
9:00pm: Brianna Guinn
10:00pm: The Takers and Leavers


7:00pm: Layla Brisbois
8:00pm: TBA
8:45pm: TBA
9:30pm: Taylor Raynor
10:15pm: Levie

The Social:  WPRK Rollins College presents…
6:00pm: Multiple Me
7:00pm: Jordan Esker & The Hundred Percent
8:00pm: John.k
9:00pm: YourDesign
10:00pm: A Brilliant Lie
11:00pm: Copper Bones
12:00am: The Bloody Jug Band

10:00pm: The Tanner Keegan Band

Wall Street Plaza I:
3:30pm: School of Rock
4:30pm: J-Zells
5:30pm: Luke
6:30pm: Broken Streetlights
7:30pm: Jumbo Shrimp
8:30pm: Felicity
9:30pm: Blue Man Group Drum-Off
10:30pm: On the Avenue
11:30pm: Forget Myself 
12:00am: The Otown Hometown Jam featuring…

Wall Street Plaza II: 
3:00pm: Savvy G
4:00pm: Natalie Claro
5:00pm: Above the Skyline
6:00pm: That I Am
7:00pm: Eden Shireen
8:00pm: Fiery Sushi
9:00pm: Carly Jo Jackson
10:00pm: King Complex
11:00pm: DizzlePhunk